Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How we become


This is a story of how I meet Ivane and how I fell into this so called LOVE.
I was a boring, busy, self centered, sarcastic and hopeless guy before I meet her. She was on the other hand, sweet, cute, simple and nice individual. I never realized that my summer classmate in Jose Rizal class came to be the most important woman in my life today.
Talking about the first day I met her, I never believe in those “slow-motion moments” that I usually see on movies, but it was during a busy-hot summer day that I realized it can be true. She was right there, standing (with a ceiling fan behind her adding the drama), wearing her fave orange blouse and her cute smile. It was then I started having a crush on her, I looked forward in seeing her and becoming her group mate in any activity we had in our Jose Rizal class. I realized I was such a looser when summer ends without making any moves, so I decided on the first semester I will do everything to win her. Luckily we were classmates in some subjects. I noticed there were also some guys who had the same interest as I did to Ivane. I never wasted my time and courted her; it was a gruesome 3 weeks of courtship until we were officially together. I felt contented and happy with her, unlike my previous relationships that I considered failure.
September 9th of 2005 was the day that I always remember, she accepted me as her only companion (hopefully for the rest of our lives). It’s been years that we’ve been together with normal glitches in a relationship, I’m proud that up until now, she stayed and kept on holding. We are strengthen by our promises to be there on all circumstance whether it’s a small fight, misunderstanding, jealousy and doubt, we still manage to stand and show the world that we are really for each other. I am also proud in saying that so far we haven’t called it a quits or a call off because we believe that there is no string that can’t be untangled. Everything has a solution and everything has a reason.
I’m writing this to keep us reminded how luck we are to meet each other. How seemingly perfect our life can become when that right someone arrives and stays. I call that destiny.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sinulog 2010

We Cebuanos celebrate the festivity of Santo Niño every 3rd week of January. Just the usual, we go out dancing in the street by the beat of the original sinulog music. Colors everywhere, people of all sorts of life are present as well.

full house float with the celebrities

I just noticed that almost always during the Sinulog festivity, it rains, and just the usual people go home with muddy slippers and dirty legs. But it’s still worth it. Nothing will hinder the Cebuanos from celebrating.

You can find Higantes (giant puppets), floats with celebrities, street dancing, colors and fun in the streets of Cebu. Year after year, the Sinulog foundation doesn’t fail in improving the festivity, and I notice that they’re stricter now in regards with security; because we witnessed a foreigner being scolded by a patrol security when he entered to the street premises without an ID (only contingents and photographers with ID are allowed inside).

festival queens with the Higante

Our location in viewing the entire street activities is much better compared last year. We stayed in one of the islands across the PLDT building. It was quite fun, we ate lunch on the location as well; we had our umbrella covering to protect ourselves from the heat and the rain.

Almost perfect spot to watch Sinulog

At 5pm we decided to head Ayala, we walked our way from Osmeña Boulivard to Escario and luckily there was a jeepney going to Ayala Center Cebu. We went to Roma Mia, ate pizza and drink beer. We thought fireworks display will be at 7pm so we waited a little bit, my eyes were the reason why we went home early, I was so sleepy, it was almost 24 hours I did not rest since I came from work the day before, and so we decide to go home instead. Back at my boarding house there was a little party prepared by my board mates. Around 9pm the fireworks display started, we went to the roof top and enjoyed the view. I was never too excited about Sinulog before, since I have Ivane, seems like every occasion is worth to celebrate. I’m really looking forward for next year’s SINULOG! VIVA PIT SENIOR

@Roma Mia (Ayala Center Cebu) Before going home

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Missing my family

What I consider a normal life for me now is going to work, going home seeing my dog wiggling his tail-less butt, feeding my fish, eating, sleeping, small talk with my sister, and going back to work. It’s a life I consider boring. Even during days off I still feel the void, despite of the laughter and unnoticed time, there is still something missing.

It was nostalgic when I saw a photo of my friend with his family . I will honestly tell I was jealous since I never/seldom get the chance to see my parents. I can still recall when we were still living together(ma and pa separated btw) we rented a small house with my sisters. Life was simple then, we go to church together, go out and eat in our favorite fast food and enjoy our moments talking and sharing stories. I was contented to see everyone present when I get home, we don’t have all the fortune in the world but we had each other.

Everything changed gradually when relationship started failing. Everything shuttered. I don't know, it was not normal anymore after they broke up.

It is really sad but enough with the drama. Now I’m living alone with my pets and one of my sisters, my other sister and mama are now in the province. I’m trying to face life as if I am really mature enough to understand everything, still I never ask questions. Making myself busy with something else really helps a lot. At least i still have my Ivane and i still have my faith.

I may never have a complete family again, but thinking I had one is fairly enough …. Still trying to be contented with what I have.

Sorry we don’t have any photos together, I just cropped our individual pictures.



Ai Ai, my sister

Mimi, my other sister

PS. I cant find any pix of my mom

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Im cleaning my bettas

It just started last year that I got into Fish, I kinda find them really interesting though they really have a random lifespan I still find them amusing and entertaining (I keep on staring them for hours observing). I turned a small part of my room into a mini fish sanctuary.. Hehehe

small part of my room with all my fish

What interest me most are my Betta (or fighting fish), (word: a large genus of small, often colorful, freshwater ray-finned fishes in the gourami family [Osphronemidae]). For me they are the most beautiful specie of fresh water fish. I have 5 Betta that I keep in small cylinder glasses; Betta needs to be placed in their individual aquarium because of their temper. They hate each other so much that even in their own glasses they still displays their black under-fin (indication that they are mad), they’re always mad. I read a blog explaining why they’re mad is because they think of the other male Betta as a competitor when it comes to mating, did I mention I only keep male Bettas? The reason for that is because the females have less attractive colors and their fins were shorter, they don’t look pretty compared to the males.

Since I only have these small containers for each of them it is always a must to clean them often, I clean their stone base and brush their glasses once a week since they easily get muddy. It will take me like 20-30 minutes cleaning all of them. I consider it a stress-reliever.

my paraphernalia

all cleaned up

I also have other kinds of fish, like, angel fish, black skirt Tetra, zebra fish, Tiger barb, guppy and molly. I also have Nelly (my turtle). I really don’t like the idea buying lots of fish and then knowing they will die if you commit a mistake in handling or in caring them. For now I will just keep an eye on what I have.

We call her Nelly because she is so slow, she resembles a snail. I will write something about Nelly next time.

another picture of Migz

trying out blogspot.com

I've known blogspot.com for quite a long time already but I never thought of creating my own blog until now. Just trying out how this thingy will work for me knowing that I am busy most of the time.. hehe.. anyways i guess this is the beginning of my blogging life.. (did I just use the correct term? dang! who cares)

Let me start by Introducing myself, My name is Mark, my gf and I calls ourselves "mine" that's why I chose mineMark as my blogger name. I am currently staying in a small room with my sister in Cebu together with our dog Migz. I work in a call center and is also an Information Technology student from the University of Cebu.

hmmmm... introduction is always boring, let me just share what happen to me this day.

It was our monthsary with my gf last Jan. 9, and since as I said, I am always busy, and so is she, it is just today that we got a chance to celebrate our "being together" (actually it was our 52nd monthsary [you do the math ^___^]).

We went to Friday's and ate this really huge Bacon Cheeseburger and Jack Daniel's Burger, we got a discount from smartConcept and got this Sundae for free! TGIF is quite a nice place. We should have asked few of their employees to sing a merry song for us since it was our day.. but we just settled in the corner and celebrated our day silently while taking few pictures anyways. Ivane (my gf) is quite cam-friendly (word: what's the opposite of cam-shy? ). After our short fattening feast in Friday's we went to buy me a new pair of slippers, it was like 2 hours i think that we saw this violet slipper from Human and decided to buy it, Ivane herself bought like 5 pairs of Penshoppe slippers for her cousins (late new year gift). We have those wrapped in this special papers from National bookstore, (gifts really look pretty if wrapped, wish I can show you how well it was done) . We went straight to Starbucks and I tried their limited edition choco peppermint, Ivane got her usual strawberry frappe.

Fast forward (~with the tape music)

went to Watson's to buy Ivane's stuff, rode taxi, went home and accompany Ivane to ride a jeepney for her to go home.. I soaked my clothes and decided to write a blog... I guess that's it, hmmm.. its not too bad writing my first blog though a little tiring.. hehehe.

I'm thinking now that I'm crazy writing this blog knowing that nobody will read this.. ahahaha.. for now, I need to get some sleep. I have 2 pictures of Migz and Ivane below... ^__^


me and mine @Fridays
me and mine @Fridays