Sunday, January 10, 2010

Im cleaning my bettas

It just started last year that I got into Fish, I kinda find them really interesting though they really have a random lifespan I still find them amusing and entertaining (I keep on staring them for hours observing). I turned a small part of my room into a mini fish sanctuary.. Hehehe

small part of my room with all my fish

What interest me most are my Betta (or fighting fish), (word: a large genus of small, often colorful, freshwater ray-finned fishes in the gourami family [Osphronemidae]). For me they are the most beautiful specie of fresh water fish. I have 5 Betta that I keep in small cylinder glasses; Betta needs to be placed in their individual aquarium because of their temper. They hate each other so much that even in their own glasses they still displays their black under-fin (indication that they are mad), they’re always mad. I read a blog explaining why they’re mad is because they think of the other male Betta as a competitor when it comes to mating, did I mention I only keep male Bettas? The reason for that is because the females have less attractive colors and their fins were shorter, they don’t look pretty compared to the males.

Since I only have these small containers for each of them it is always a must to clean them often, I clean their stone base and brush their glasses once a week since they easily get muddy. It will take me like 20-30 minutes cleaning all of them. I consider it a stress-reliever.

my paraphernalia

all cleaned up

I also have other kinds of fish, like, angel fish, black skirt Tetra, zebra fish, Tiger barb, guppy and molly. I also have Nelly (my turtle). I really don’t like the idea buying lots of fish and then knowing they will die if you commit a mistake in handling or in caring them. For now I will just keep an eye on what I have.

We call her Nelly because she is so slow, she resembles a snail. I will write something about Nelly next time.

another picture of Migz


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