Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Missing my family

What I consider a normal life for me now is going to work, going home seeing my dog wiggling his tail-less butt, feeding my fish, eating, sleeping, small talk with my sister, and going back to work. It’s a life I consider boring. Even during days off I still feel the void, despite of the laughter and unnoticed time, there is still something missing.

It was nostalgic when I saw a photo of my friend with his family . I will honestly tell I was jealous since I never/seldom get the chance to see my parents. I can still recall when we were still living together(ma and pa separated btw) we rented a small house with my sisters. Life was simple then, we go to church together, go out and eat in our favorite fast food and enjoy our moments talking and sharing stories. I was contented to see everyone present when I get home, we don’t have all the fortune in the world but we had each other.

Everything changed gradually when relationship started failing. Everything shuttered. I don't know, it was not normal anymore after they broke up.

It is really sad but enough with the drama. Now I’m living alone with my pets and one of my sisters, my other sister and mama are now in the province. I’m trying to face life as if I am really mature enough to understand everything, still I never ask questions. Making myself busy with something else really helps a lot. At least i still have my Ivane and i still have my faith.

I may never have a complete family again, but thinking I had one is fairly enough …. Still trying to be contented with what I have.

Sorry we don’t have any photos together, I just cropped our individual pictures.



Ai Ai, my sister

Mimi, my other sister

PS. I cant find any pix of my mom


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