Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sinulog 2010

We Cebuanos celebrate the festivity of Santo Niño every 3rd week of January. Just the usual, we go out dancing in the street by the beat of the original sinulog music. Colors everywhere, people of all sorts of life are present as well.

full house float with the celebrities

I just noticed that almost always during the Sinulog festivity, it rains, and just the usual people go home with muddy slippers and dirty legs. But it’s still worth it. Nothing will hinder the Cebuanos from celebrating.

You can find Higantes (giant puppets), floats with celebrities, street dancing, colors and fun in the streets of Cebu. Year after year, the Sinulog foundation doesn’t fail in improving the festivity, and I notice that they’re stricter now in regards with security; because we witnessed a foreigner being scolded by a patrol security when he entered to the street premises without an ID (only contingents and photographers with ID are allowed inside).

festival queens with the Higante

Our location in viewing the entire street activities is much better compared last year. We stayed in one of the islands across the PLDT building. It was quite fun, we ate lunch on the location as well; we had our umbrella covering to protect ourselves from the heat and the rain.

Almost perfect spot to watch Sinulog

At 5pm we decided to head Ayala, we walked our way from Osmeña Boulivard to Escario and luckily there was a jeepney going to Ayala Center Cebu. We went to Roma Mia, ate pizza and drink beer. We thought fireworks display will be at 7pm so we waited a little bit, my eyes were the reason why we went home early, I was so sleepy, it was almost 24 hours I did not rest since I came from work the day before, and so we decide to go home instead. Back at my boarding house there was a little party prepared by my board mates. Around 9pm the fireworks display started, we went to the roof top and enjoyed the view. I was never too excited about Sinulog before, since I have Ivane, seems like every occasion is worth to celebrate. I’m really looking forward for next year’s SINULOG! VIVA PIT SENIOR

@Roma Mia (Ayala Center Cebu) Before going home


  1. Hehe nice..wa lang mang invite sa laag

  2. ahaha.. mao man na cla akong usual kuyog kung manglaag.. ehehe.. dont tell me wala ka nilaag?