Sunday, January 10, 2010

trying out

I've known for quite a long time already but I never thought of creating my own blog until now. Just trying out how this thingy will work for me knowing that I am busy most of the time.. hehe.. anyways i guess this is the beginning of my blogging life.. (did I just use the correct term? dang! who cares)

Let me start by Introducing myself, My name is Mark, my gf and I calls ourselves "mine" that's why I chose mineMark as my blogger name. I am currently staying in a small room with my sister in Cebu together with our dog Migz. I work in a call center and is also an Information Technology student from the University of Cebu.

hmmmm... introduction is always boring, let me just share what happen to me this day.

It was our monthsary with my gf last Jan. 9, and since as I said, I am always busy, and so is she, it is just today that we got a chance to celebrate our "being together" (actually it was our 52nd monthsary [you do the math ^___^]).

We went to Friday's and ate this really huge Bacon Cheeseburger and Jack Daniel's Burger, we got a discount from smartConcept and got this Sundae for free! TGIF is quite a nice place. We should have asked few of their employees to sing a merry song for us since it was our day.. but we just settled in the corner and celebrated our day silently while taking few pictures anyways. Ivane (my gf) is quite cam-friendly (word: what's the opposite of cam-shy? ). After our short fattening feast in Friday's we went to buy me a new pair of slippers, it was like 2 hours i think that we saw this violet slipper from Human and decided to buy it, Ivane herself bought like 5 pairs of Penshoppe slippers for her cousins (late new year gift). We have those wrapped in this special papers from National bookstore, (gifts really look pretty if wrapped, wish I can show you how well it was done) . We went straight to Starbucks and I tried their limited edition choco peppermint, Ivane got her usual strawberry frappe.

Fast forward (~with the tape music)

went to Watson's to buy Ivane's stuff, rode taxi, went home and accompany Ivane to ride a jeepney for her to go home.. I soaked my clothes and decided to write a blog... I guess that's it, hmmm.. its not too bad writing my first blog though a little tiring.. hehehe.

I'm thinking now that I'm crazy writing this blog knowing that nobody will read this.. ahahaha.. for now, I need to get some sleep. I have 2 pictures of Migz and Ivane below... ^__^


me and mine @Fridays
me and mine @Fridays


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