Sunday, October 3, 2010

A dinner in Tara's

I tried eating breakfast buffet in Tara's once but never got a chance to eat dinner there. Last night I was craving for a Liempo and ended up going to IT park with Ivane in search of the Balamban Liempo. We were in the wrong place the guards said since Balamban Liempo was somewhere in JY square.

We just decided to dine at Tara's instead since we were so hungry and it was coincidence that Tara's also offered a delicious Liempo. I ordered my Liempo and Ivane got her usual grilled chicken. I really like the Liempo but the dessert frustrates me, It was a lousy brownie topped with ice cream. Oh well, I think the entire place was nice though, with an added litten candles to spark a great ambiance.

Overall, I like the place. 

check out the photos from Ivane's blog instead.

Busy mode

Got really busy lately and haven't been able to update my blog. Me and Ivane were working on our collaborated blog that you can find here. Anyway, what made me busy was that manga (fairytail) Jude and Marlo was digging in, that I also find very interesting. Im a moderate manga reader before and it lead me to read satan 666 and as well as gakuen alice, now because of my friends, I'm into reading manga again. Everyday it took 2-3 hours of my time just reading manga.

We've been busy lately as well because of our new business GLAMCHIC888 from FB, yes I am one of the owners of glamchic with ivane as my partner. We sell ladies clothing from swim wear, casual to formal, and it kinda interest me a lot because I'm the one assigned to take the pictures. Check out our business site here .

Also we went to places outside Cebu to relax: first with our brothers and sisters in Bantayan Island and some of our friends in Camotes Island.