Monday, January 3, 2011

Celebrating with family

I've been away from my family for quite a while now. I've been celebrating special occasions either with friends or at work.

Anyways, this blog is not about me but to those special days I celebrated with my family. Just this recent Christmas celebration we turned Green. I received a simple mirror that I liked so much since we just transfer ed to our new apartment and I haven't got the chance to buy me a mirror, anyways, thanks to my sister for that black framed mirror. My other sister Lorie Mae received on the other hand my 2 plastic cylinder containers (she was really disappointed about it) she didn't actually like it since she cannot think of a way to use it. Oh well, its not the price tag, its the thought that counts. hahaha.

My mom with her striking curly colored hair went to celebrate with us with my cousin Danna. My sister Ai2x with her baby Brea and husband JR also came. As well as Ivane, Her mom and our dogs. The following day my dad went to visit us as well. Im thankful that at least I was able to see us complete and happy.

We celebrated New Year wearing blue. I was not able to attend our company's Blue Christmas Party, so I decided to  spend it with my family instead. Not that complete compared to Christmas, Mama and Danna didn't make it, Mom had her skin allergy and Danna went to celebrate with my other aunt in Lapu-Lapu City but overall it was still great and was a fun-filled celebration.

We spent the last hours of 2010 with games: We played the "fill in the missing spongebob parts" which my team won and the charades which Ivane's team won (we let them win, LOL). There were prizes as well to motivate everyone.

Oh well, to sum up everything, its the most memorable xmas and New Year celebration I had.