Friday, February 3, 2012


I decided to create a tumblr account because ivane is there.

Anyway these are the things I did today:

- went to the port. I wasn't able to sleep. so i decided to take some photos of the sunrise. to my surprise, i was waiting in the wrong side and the mountain was covering the sunrise. It was a failure.
- walk to the oil refinary/factory (i really dont know) looking structure near the port. I was excited to take some picture of it, but since I forgot to bring the nicer camera, the cellphone camera wasn't able to help me at all.
- walk to the other side. I was thinking, I'm liking photography!! hahaha
- i was supposed to take some nice shots in the market but its still too dark and there aren't any people/vendors around yet. went home.
- read some random blogs the rest of the morning.
- Ate Moyenn and I went to the grocery to buy some supplies. I was so happy to see her, she's one of my fave cousins. She doesn't like it when i tell her she's very pretty.. LOL
- procrastinating in taking a bath. (don't judge me)
- slept the whole afternoon
- mingle with the people in my Lolo's wake.
- smiling
- its midnight, I was still awake... i don't know what to do.

BTW. i don't want to delete my blogspot just yet... but I will definitely do more updates in tumblr from now on. We'll just see.

Here are the photos (cellphone camera. don't expect too much)

this one took me a while, I just follow what it says

sometimes, the sun rises on a not so nice view. I was expecting it to be beautiful. But it wasn't.

its the bench.

this is what i just said, the factory looking structure.

and here's when i decided to take a bath!!! haha


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