Friday, February 3, 2012


I decided to create a tumblr account because ivane is there.

Anyway these are the things I did today:

- went to the port. I wasn't able to sleep. so i decided to take some photos of the sunrise. to my surprise, i was waiting in the wrong side and the mountain was covering the sunrise. It was a failure.
- walk to the oil refinary/factory (i really dont know) looking structure near the port. I was excited to take some picture of it, but since I forgot to bring the nicer camera, the cellphone camera wasn't able to help me at all.
- walk to the other side. I was thinking, I'm liking photography!! hahaha
- i was supposed to take some nice shots in the market but its still too dark and there aren't any people/vendors around yet. went home.
- read some random blogs the rest of the morning.
- Ate Moyenn and I went to the grocery to buy some supplies. I was so happy to see her, she's one of my fave cousins. She doesn't like it when i tell her she's very pretty.. LOL
- procrastinating in taking a bath. (don't judge me)
- slept the whole afternoon
- mingle with the people in my Lolo's wake.
- smiling
- its midnight, I was still awake... i don't know what to do.

BTW. i don't want to delete my blogspot just yet... but I will definitely do more updates in tumblr from now on. We'll just see.

Here are the photos (cellphone camera. don't expect too much)

this one took me a while, I just follow what it says

sometimes, the sun rises on a not so nice view. I was expecting it to be beautiful. But it wasn't.

its the bench.

this is what i just said, the factory looking structure.

and here's when i decided to take a bath!!! haha

Thursday, February 2, 2012


My lolo has left us and I'm here in the province to at least see him on his wake. It's a really sad feeling to say goodbye to someone you've known your entire life.

I don't have access to my computer so im using this blogger-droid i just installed in my phone earlier. It was 4am, and everyone was asleep except me, so I decided to post something.

We were actually waiting for my aunt to arrive from Japan, I still don't know when the burial will be but I'm gonna be here 4 or 5 days more. At least my supervisor gave me special rest days for this.

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the caramel extraordinaire

nah... its actually named tira-tira. its been ages that i haven't tasted one.
For those who didn't know, its a local made candy out of sugar and coconut milk.

Anyway this post came because of my friend Josh. I told him about something sweet "like-tira-tira". Its not my favorite delicacy but I think its a better endearment, so much of the "baby", "honey", or "sweetie" endearments, so for a change why don't lovers call themselves tira-tira or better yet bokarelyo.

sorry for the picture, its not mine, it's from the net

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Picplz, an instagram-like application for android

I just noticed, the last post I had was January of last year. Isn't it great?

Haha, So i decided to instead post something now, since its been a year that i haven't posted anything.

I'd like to share about this application i found in the Android market, its called Picplz. I have an HTC phone, so in the attempt to look for an instagram apps for Android, I came across this Picplz application instead, since its for free.

It works like instagram, you can edit your photos straight from your camera or gallery and post it on your social networking links..

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