Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bantayan Island - Life is a beach

Life is a bitch beach. I didn’t quite get the meaning of this at first, until I went to Bantayan island, particularly in Kota Beach Resort. That powdery white sand beach, the crystal clear water and all those food, I cant help but remember. 
Life is a beach or Living a beach life, for me is a “something” that one hopes to attain. That “something” when I can do the things beyond my composure. When I am free from stress, when I am away from the 4 cornered room I call office.
I went to Bantayan Island with Ivane to at least relieve myself from the city. I’ve been to the island for quite some time now, but I will never get tired in going back.
Bantayan Island (as what majority say) is like Boracay, less the people and the commercial structures. I like the simplicity of the place and how all my pictures turns out to be scenic.

look for the locals bringing pails of affordable seafood that can be eaten instantly.
Tricycles are the main transportation but you can rent your own bicycle for a day’s use.
Le Petit Bonheur, one of the fancy yet affordable restaurant in the island. 
This was one of our pre-nuptial travels. Highly recommended for lovers who wants a taste of the “Beach Life”
And here i go with my feeling-expert tips again:
1.) If you’re planning to grill meat on your own, go to the market very early to avoid running out of pork/chicken. 
2.) If you know how to ride a bicycle, rent one, its a totally new experience - lesser vehicles in the island so its safe.
3.) Try a little resort hopping - go to Stanta Fe Beach Club where the Ogtong Cave is at, you can also go to Sugar beach and try skim boarding on their long shoreline. St. Bernard offers delectable food that you can enjoy near their aviary. Those are just a few of the resorts in the island.
4.) Befriend local fisherman - they usually bring you discounted fresh catch the next morning (for me this was the best).
5.) Learn to haggle - island hopping is always available (if the weather is good of course), try asking around and compare prices. 
6.) If you want a loose-come-what-may-lay-back experience, rent a tent - most resorts provides tents for rent.
7.) The busiest month will be November on Holy week - if you’re into partying and a crowd mingler, this will be the best time for you to visit the place. or maybe to avoid, if you want a peaceful and quiet vacation.


  1. Actually Ogtong Cave is still far away from Sta. Fe Beach Club. It is in the other side of the island. If you stay in SFBC you can visit Ogtong Cave for free but you have to inform them ahead of time to arrange your transportation.

    You have great captures in there.

    1. There was a 100-peso charge for day use, not bad for an access to the entire place. Thanks for the correction, I thought they're in one place though. I love that place, I think I want to marry Bantayan... lol

    2. Beautiful pics! Wala po bang tao dito?

  2. Having a vacation on the beach side is a best way to regain freshness and charm which we kind of lose in our daily busy routine, but before planning a vacation, there are some things which should be considered like making a list of all required things like making early arrangement of food and renting a tent.

    1. But sometimes.. unplanned vacation like an out-of-town come-what-may type is exciting and fun.... making a list is what we always do with my wife, I agree with what you said.. :)

      thanks for dropping by Nick :) sorry for the late reply.. i got busy with work.. :)

  3. Wow! Very nice and informative post. Thank u so much for posting it... Anyway,can u please give me contact number of a beach resort in Bantayan
    with a very affordable room or
    bungalows. Non airconditioned room
    is fine, anyway, we want enjoy the beach, not the room.... :-):-):-)

    1. I would've recommended sugarbeach or St. Bernard Resort.. but I guess, bec. of what happen to the island lately due to the typhoon.. i dont thing its still a good idea to go there now... sorry for the very late reply..

      thanks for dropping by

  4. I'd say it's really a great place. But, if you want your vacation move up to the next level, try Sport fishing Vanuatu. It's a little different from your usual vacation but enjoyable.

  5. Its great place after saw this place i have also wish to make plan for the trip sugar beach because i have not been yet there and at that time i am at the tour of US knoxville to nyc...

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