Friday, March 8, 2013

Bodo’s Bamboo Bar

Bodo’s Bamboo Bar or The Triple B Resort and Restaurant is located in Triple B Road, Pasol, Alcoy in the Southern part of Cebu. This may not be your ordinary resort since it is situated in an elevated location not even close to the beach but the overlooking spectacle of some parts of Cebu and Bohol island is fit for a king. 

Jacuzzi and pool.

We were with friends during this visit in Triple B Resort making it one wacko, fun-filled group date. It made me miss the old time when things were all about laughing and enjoying every spare time with friends.

Bodo's Bamboo Bar Resort have both aircon and non-airconitioned rooms promising a worthy and relaxing stay away from stress. They have 14 rooms, small native cabanas, a spacious grass facade, a swimming pool with jacuzzi, a restaurant, souvenir shop and a mini bar. The restaurant is famous for their pizza, along with other variety of Philippine and International dishes.

Bodo's Bamboo Bar Resort's Hawaiian pizza.

The bar.

Summer is all about the beach afterall. Since we are talking about Alcoy, one should not miss Tingko Beach Resort which is a close-by public white sand beach around 5-10 mins trike ride from Bodo's Bamboo Bar resort.

Other information about the place:
  • Room rates are from P1,400 to P1,900
  • Wifi is available
  • Owned by a German and Filipina couple
  • Electricity backup system.
  • They host events of all kinds.
  • Official website here.
How to get there?

From the Cebu South Bus terminal, look for a bus bound to Oslob, Boljoon or Alcoy and tell the conductor ahead to drop you off in Bodo's Bamboo Bar Resort (approximately 2-hour ride). The resort is situated uphill on the right side of the round.


  1. A lot of thinks have changed in the meantime. Also the owners. BBB is now prepared for 2013! Come and see!

    1. that sounds promising!!! Alcoy, in particular Tingko and triple B never fail to amaze their visitors!!!