Thursday, March 7, 2013

Butterfly Sanctuary in Bohol

I rarely see butterflies nowadays, or maybe because the city is too polluted now unfit for these fragile creatures. There maybe are few places abundant with butterflies still but not as plenty in butterfly conservation centers. Butterflies have an average (more or less) 2% survival rate from the wild or on there own while a significant increase of 70% survival rate in the confines of these centers. Butterfly sanctuaries are very crucial in terms of conserving butterfly species as well as research in improving butterfly population.

Preserved butterflies.
Special butterflies. Birdwing (top), hologram-like winged (bottom)

Bright colored pupae. These were alive and actually they were moving upon taking this photo.

There are 3 main butterfly sanctuaries in Bohol which are the Simply Butterflies Conservation Center in Bilar, the Butterfly Dome at Sagbayan Peak in Sagbayan and Can-olin Butterfly Sanctuary in Candijay. 

The Simply Butterflies Conservation Center is the biggest among the 3 and is mostly visited by tourists because it houses more than 300 species of butterflies. When you visit the place you will be guided by a facility tour-guide that will gladly explain the life cycle of a butterfly and other good-to-know information about the creature. The place is quite spacious and the entire tour will actually take more than an hour to complete. 

Letters and numbers from the wings of butterflies.

Left side are moths, Right side are butterflies

There is an entrance fee of P50 (as of Mar. 2013) that goes to the maintenance and a donation box for the tour facilitation. After finishing the tour, visitors may proceed to the gift shop to buy some famous Bohol souvenirs or to the restaurant where you can enjoy local delicacies.

Picture taking is (of course) allowed and they even have variety of preserved butterflies where you can actually hold for photo ops.

They call these the MARIPOSA (spanish), dubbed to be homosexual butterflies with multicolored  wings. see how the left wing is different with the right wing?

My sister behind a preserved butterfly wings
Me and my wife holding 2 colorful caterpillars. 
How they feed the butterflies.

Mostly in a Bohol City tour, visiting the Simply Butterflies Conservation Center is already part of the itinerary. There are buses going to the town of Talibon that can drop you off in Bilar to visit the center, the sanctuary is only a few minutes away from the Man-made Mahogany Forest in Bilar, so this is also a good side trip after maybe visiting the Simply Butterflies Conservation Center and before going to the town of Carmen for the famous Chocolate Hills. 


  1. The Butterfly Sanctuary looks like an interesting place to visit. Maybe I'd include that in my itinerary when I get the chance to travel to Bohol.

  2. I was able to visit the place before and learned how short the life of a butterfly was. It was really educational visiting the place.

  3. I usually see mariposa in our backyard when I was a little kid. I just now realized that I have never seen any mariposa these past years. I wonder what happened. Is there habitat in our province destroyed already?

    Bohol is one of the provinces that I wanted to visit. I want to see the Chocolate Hills, the tarsier and their rivers. I'll be adding this butterfly sanctuary to my list of must-see-places in Bohol. :-)

  4. so sweet with your wifey!!! i love butterflies too! they look amazing and magical! xx

  5. I love butterflies, unfortunately I can only see few of them in the province and never in the city. This sanctuary in Bohol is a good place to visit when you're in the Island.

  6. What a nice place this is. I have been to one like this but in John Hay Baguio City.

  7. Our team went to Bohol last year and they visited this place but unfortunately, I was not able to come.:,(

  8. I'll definitely include this in my to-go list when in Bohol.. very informative post!

  9. Such a nice place to visit. Promise, mapupuntahan din kita.

  10. Those colorful butterflies are beautiful. I look forward to visiting this place and take lots of pictures :)

  11. Love the first photo! I was fortunate to visit this place when we went to Bohol two years ago. That was the first butterfly garden I have ever visited. :)

  12. This one I can say I've been to and it's such a perfect date place for lovers. I can imagine wedding proposals happening here. :)

  13. Been there three years ago. Its really a nice place for couples too. ^_^