Saturday, March 23, 2013

What to do on a long weekend?

Holidays plus the weekend makes your rest days longer. students may have spring or summer vacation but for employees (even employers) this will be the closest we can reach cloud 9. But what will I to do on a long weekend? 

This is my own list of the things I might get myself busy of, during a long weekend.


Oh, the beach! Do I need to explain further? It's probably one of the best things God created. There is no dull moment for me if I go to the beach, the sight, the water, the sand, the sun, and the food. It's a perfect way to celebrate life.


Though it involve going on a long toilsome journey, it's a good exercise and a good way to reconnect ourselves with nature. 

Visiting the province.

Only if you have one, but you can always go to near provinces and visit what is famous in that place. This is like becoming a local tourist, maybe getting ourselves acquainted with that province we visited. The countryside view is always a winner.

Food Tripping.

You may go out to near-by restaurants or it can be a cookout at home. This will surely get your family and friends together and enjoy a good conversation.  After all, from a busy schedule we may not have talked to them in a while so it should be a good bonding moment. 

Watch a movie. 

At home or in a movie house. I may not be fond of watching movies, but I know there are many movies that I missed watching, and still worth a try. 

Going out to the mall. 

It's probably time for you to buy those things you really wanted to buy but didn't have that time to go out. Checking out new boutiques and new restaurants can be a side trip.

Read a book or write something.

Sounding mainstream? but yes, since I have enough time, I will probably blog a lot during this long weekend. Reading books? I seldom do but maybe I will try finishing that one Bob Ong book i haven't done reading yet.

There are hundreds of things you can do on a long vacation, its really up to you to find a good way to spend it. The most important thing is you've given yourself a time-off to explore the world and you're enjoying the moment.


  1. Beach.
    Food tripping.
    Watch a movie.

    That's what I want to do on a loooooongggggg weekend!

  2. All of the above mentioned are great great way on how to spend this long weekend with joy. woooohh cant wait to visit some places like posted above. .

  3. Long weekends are really a perfect time for a long drive or an out of town trip.

  4. Nice activities to indulged in. But I prefer visiting the province. sort of reunion with relatives.

  5. For my children's sake, my family would probably choose going to the beach when given the choice but Holy Week is probably not the right time as most would be too crowded.

  6. there are many things we can do this lent season but the best part is to stay at home, reflect on things and help reducing carbon footprint.

  7. And it seems those are just the things that I wanted to do. Especially that trekking. it will be my first time. :)

  8. Wow! nice suggestion but for me long weekend serve as my rest day, which i can sleep more than 10 hours starting tonight up to Monday...

  9. Oh my!! FOOD TRIPPING!! One of the reasons why I love the Lenten Season is that I get to eat lots of seafood. ;)

  10. All are great but I prefer to read the bible and write my reflection for this LENTEN SEASON and stay at home.

  11. We usually stay at home on long weekends, watch movies on DVDs with eating on the side.We seldom go out of town... but we always go to the mall and stroll around.

  12. Food Tripping with Family at walang katapusang kwentuhan.. hehehe... yan lagi ginagawa namin kapag mahaba bakasyon. :)