Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bunzie's Cove - Tabogon, Cebu

Its been a while that I've been with my workmates to a team building on a rest-day. Most of the time either I stay at home or its just me and my wife in an adventure of our own. 

the cove

hermit crab in Tabogon, Cebu. There are actually plenty of these there.
weird fish that jumps around

What I like about joining team buildings are the bonding moments, especially if family and friends are also invited. Getting away from the usual activities in the office provides a relief and a way to detach ourselves from too much thinking and all the stress. Working is an essential part of everyone's life but it should not hinder us to enjoy life as much as possible while keeping up with all the demands at work. 

One of the places I can recommend for a quality bonding time with friends, family and even office-mates is the Bunzie's Cove in Tabogon, Northern part of Cebu. With a 1.5 hectares of space, you sure can bring everyone along with you to enjoy and spend quality time together. This resort is located on a cliff, with a semi-private isolated cove, a kiddie and an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. 

kitchen in the main villa
living room in the main villa
guestroom in the main villa
master's bedroom in the main villa

My favorite part in Bunzie's Cove resort is the inlet (cove) where you can enjoy a mini trekking adventure going down to the beach itself. Though it doesn't have a white powdery beach, the pebbles provided very clear water with lots of sea creatures vigorously thriving around.

terrace lookout
lover's villa
main villa

Room Rates/Accommodation: (as of Apr. 2013)
  • Day use - 150php/person includes using the pools, going to the cove, comfort rooms, and the kitchen area. From 7am to 6pm and no corkage fee.
  • Room rates are from 1,650php to 8,000php for 2 to 8 occupants.
  • Available accommodations are: Lover's Villa (2 occupants), Guest house (2 occupants), Villa (6 occupants), Apartment (4 occupants), and Terrace Lookout (8 occupants). Additional occupants can be allowed depending on the type of room, with additional charge of 200php/person.
  • Checkin at 2pm, Checkout 12nn the following day.
  • Gas usage also has a payment, pay it along with the room and extra person charge.
How to get there? (as of Apr. 2013)
  • From the North Bus terminal, look for a bus heading to Tabogon, Cebu.
  • Travel time will be 2 hours (more/less) with a 85php fare.
  • Tell the bus conductor or the driver that your destination is in Bunzie's Cove.


  • In going there, look for a bigger bus instead of the mini bus. With a 2-hour travel from Cebu, I'm pretty sure you want a comfortable ride unless you have your own wheels to bring you there.
  • Ask the attendant ahead if there will be occupants before you, to avoid waiting for them to check-out.
  • Rent the Terrace Lookout if you want closer to the pool.
  • Bring mosquito nets or insect repellent.
  • Ask for the caretaker's cellphone number since they don't usually stay within the premise.
  • Bring your own meat to cook, the market is not that close-by.
  • You don't need to bring utensils or cooking equipment since they can provide those for you.
out of ingenuity, people makes their own anchor out of sticks and rocks.

How to contact them? (as of Apr. 2013)
  • Visit them in Facebook.
  • Email them at
  • Visit their website here
  • Or call them at (032) 344-3039 or 09227398938


  1. Indeed. The perfect place for relaxation that surely everyone will love! The peacefulness and the serenity of the place are the things I missed when I came back in the city. I recommend the place for call center workers who wants to unwind and escape from a stressful workplace

    1. You got that right Russel... Til' our next trip.. :D

    2. Hi,
      Do you happen to have their contact number?
      I tried to call them using the number above however no one is answering.

    3. Hi Christian, I know this is a late reply but just to answer your question, I don't have any other information about that place. you can try searching them in facebook instead. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. The view of the ocean is simply awesome. Indeed, this is a place for team-building or plain retreat.

  3. I've been to San Remigio, Bantayan and most part of Northen Cebu but First time hear about Bunzies Cove. We'll surely visit this place for our next honeymoon. :)

    1. wishing you a great honeymoon experience!

  4. The villa looks really spacious and the place is good for both relaxation and adventure.

  5. wow, the place is like a paradise. I love the resort with deck overlooking the beautiful see.

  6. There are a lot of resorts in Cebu. Now I really want to go there and experience its beautiful beaches.

  7. Wow! This looks like a really nice resort. I'll look into Bunzie's Cove when I plan a trip to Cebu. I've been meaning to go to Cebu for a beach outing since last year, but it hasn't materialized yet. Hopefully, it does soon enough.

  8. Was this a teambuilding with your teammates in the company? Did you have activities (games) here? :)

    1. yes, it was... as per their website (link above) you can arrange some activities with the management

  9. Looks like this place is awesome if you want to just isolate yourself and escape from the fast paced living.

  10. the name tabogon rings a bell or maybe i just passed by this place when i went to Bantayan before .. but definitely i never been in the cove and made me interested to visit the place and enjoy the clear water on the cove. 150 for the entrance for a day tour is quite rational .... thanks for the suggestions and i will keep that in mind whenever i visit cebu again .

    1. you are correct... on your way to Bantayan, you will actually pass by Tabogon.

  11. Your blog posts encourage me to pack my bags and fly to Cebu! =)

  12. Bunzie's cove! sounds interesting..
    Ive been to a few sorrounding islands in Cebu on its north.
    Looking at the cliff side, in your photos..
    I was wondering if they do cliff jumping in here..
    sure it would be fun and exhilirating.

  13. The place is so nice to stay and enjoy with the family. I'll definitely check this place...may I know if Bunzie's Cove have a website? Thanks.

  14. I've been to this place few yrs back.. And I agree with you, it is a great place. Its actually one of the most visited place in Bohol

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  16. Did they provide their own facilitators? Hopefully, you may consider our services the next time.

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