Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Park Mountain Resort - Lutopan Toledo City, Cebu

I spent a portion of my life living on the hills of Lutopan Toledo City. This humble barangay is located South of Cebu and it will only take you 1 1/2 hours to get there. I always remember Lutopan having a cool climate because of the number of trees surrounding the place. People there are simple and as early as 6 or 7pm, the streets are already quiet. Though we completely left the place after everyone moved to the city, we still have our house there and some of our relatives. 

I usually bring my wife to Lutopan especially if we want to unwind and relax from our busy lives in the City.

The rusty signage attest the time it endured. 
A good place to stay in Lutopan is the Spring Park Mountain Resort, located in 157 R. Duterte St. Cantabaco Toledo City. Though not your ordinary resort considering the place is old, it is still decent and provides an acceptable services to their visitors. I remember my aunt spent their wedding reception here years ago, it was the first event Spring Park Mountain Resort hosted. Compared to the resort's condition years ago, the place is quite different now with old fixtures, unattended pathways, empty pool, empty fishing pond and bushy surroundings, this might not be your ideal resort. 

However if you are like me who is into simplicity and tranquility, this place should be perfect. Despite Spring Park Mountain Resort's bare grandeur, the plants, the cold water from the natural spring, and the music from the singing birds are more than enough to fill your longing for a laid-back life, even for a day or two.

a mountain just across the resort, good for rough climbing.

The restaurant/coffee shoppe

You can bring kids for an easy trek.

Other info you might need to know:  (as of Apr. 15, 2013)

  • 3 Swimming Pools with picnic tables/cottages. (1 pool is under renovation)
  • Social Pavilion for functions.
  • Game Room for Billiard, Table Tennis and Darts.
  • coffee shoppe and Restaurant.
  • camping grounds.
  • Transpo/Laundry.


  • 2 yrs old below- Free
  • children below 3 feet- P50/head
  • children above 3 feet, adults- P75/head
  • Picnic table : P150
  • Picnic cottage: P200
  • Camping fee: P150/head
  • P500: non-aircon rooms for 2
  • P800 to P1,000: aircon rooms for 2 
  • P1,500 to P2,000: family (with AC) room (price may vary depending on the number of occupants)
  • P150/head: dormitory rooms
  • FB page
  • Phone numbers: 261-9511, 262-3851, 325-2044, or 09999914373


  1. The place has a lot of interesting plant species and attractions. It would be a nice place to unwind and retreat from the busy city life.

  2. wonderful! perfect for a date this summer you won't be feel the heat under those relaxing trees.

  3. Perfect place for Nature seekers. I love those flora.

  4. It sure is a perfect place to unwind and relax! And oh, beautiful flowers! ;)

  5. That resort looks like it has all of the amenities one needs to enjoy a vacation with friends or family.

  6. Wow! I live in Negros Oriental but haven't gone to Lutopan yet :) The pics are great! :)

  7. More than 1 year ako sa Toledo City pero bat indi ko to napuntahan :( Very relaxing ang ambiance

  8. Ang cool ng place, at napaka affordable ng entrance fees nila. Pasok sa family outing ngayong summer. :)

  9. nice photos! hopefully i can one day schedule a trip to Negros Oriental :)

  10. A bit eery place but I like it! Good for relaxing and vacation as well.

  11. Very nice pic.the resort is so nice for relaxing.

  12. The perfect Nature trip during summer with the family for recreation and relaxation.

  13. Guys, please check this out.

  14. Can this place be a wedding reception??

  15. Can this place be a wedding reception??

  16. Can this place be a wedding reception??

  17. Can this place be a wedding reception??

  18. Can this place be a wedding reception??

    1. Sorry for the late reply.. My aunt had her wedding reception in that place.. I suggest u try contacting them :)

  19. Hello sir, good day! Until now 2016 the entrance for above 3 feet is 75.00? Pls. Reply. And god bless