Saturday, May 11, 2013

my 3rd time in Spring Park Mountain Resort

The first time I was here was ages ago on my aunt's wedding, which was actually the first event Spring Park Mountain Resort hosted. I admit though, I've been to Lutopan Toledo for quite some time now but I've only been to this resort 3 times. I wrote about this place before (found here) and I was surprised when I visited lately with the huge improvement. Kudos to the management who brought life back to the almost dead resort. The last time I was here, the place was almost empty except for some staff who were busy doing their usual tasks but not this time, people started to fill the place.

This was empty the last time we visited. 

The newly added mini pools.

The tilapia pond with low water.

Spring Park Mountain Resort still offers the laid back feel and the close-to-nature experience. I still like the simplicity of the place and how everyone can enjoy without thinking about paying so much. Yes, this might be different from the fanciness of all the resorts with a 5-star rating, but us Filipino still favors something that everyone can enjoy. 

You can visit the place by bus from the Cebu South Bus terminal or in One Citilink via van (1.5hours of travel).

Cafe Sevillano.

Other info you might need to know: (as of May. 11, 2013)

  • 3 Swimming Pools with picnic tables/cottages. (1 pool is under renovation) 
  • Social Pavilion for functions. 
  • Game Room for Billiard, Table Tennis and Darts. 
  • coffee shoppe and Restaurant. 
  • camping grounds. 
  • Transpo/Laundry. 

  • 2 yrs old below- Free 
  • children below 3 feet- P50/head 
  • children above 3 feet, adults- P75/head 
  • Picnic table : P150 
  • Picnic cottage: P200 
  • Camping fee: P150/head 

  • P500: non-aircon rooms for 2 
  • P800 to P1,000: aircon rooms for 2 
  • P1,500 to P2,000: family (with AC) room (price may vary depending on the number of occupants) 
  • P150/head: dormitory rooms


  • FB page
  • Phone numbers: 261-9511, 262-3851, 325-2044, or 09999914373

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Legend Palawan Hotel - Puerto Princesa Palawan

Known for its hospitable reputation, The Legend Palawan Hotel became the top choice for local and foreign travelers when visiting Puerto Princesa Palawan. Located ideally in downtown Puerto Princes, this place is accessible to other establishments as well as the airport.

The inviting pool in The Legend Palawan 

During our visit in Puerto Princesa, The Legend Palawan was one of the hotels we chose not just because of its location but because of how well they presented themselves through their website and how attractive their accommodations were. It's all worth for your money I should say. It was just me and Ivane during our visit so we've chosen their Deluxe Room, perfect for couple with complete room amenities that includes King-size bed or two (2) Double beds, Dinette table and chairs, Bedside control panel, solo fridge, cable tv, and a bathtub. Room accommodation from 2,600php (solo pad) or up should be a decent amount for a 3-star hotel.

Room options are:
  • Solo Pad
  • Twin Pad
  • Superior
  • Deluxe
  • Junior Suite
  • Executive Suite
  • Presidential Suite
If you choose a hotel for your vacation I would suggest you go for a hotel with transportation services because you may not know for sure where to find the hotel and for convenience purpose as well, not unless you have your own/rented transportation. The Legend Palawan Hotel might have employed good drivers because our driver was more than willing to share almost all the stories of Puerto Princesa even during our short travel from the airport to the Hotel, it became almost like a mini tour with trivia, or maybe we were just lucky with the driver who helped us.

Dull moments shouldn't be a problem inside the hotel premise because you can spend your time in their well maintained swimming pool perfect before/after a tour within Puerto Princesa. 

My wife from afar in the pool.

The hotel also offers other services, like Laundry, restaurants, currency exchange, safety deposit usage, massage services, and a guided tour. 

visit them through their website or you may contact them at:

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Burnham Park - Baguio City

The place is well known for its man-made lake where you can go swimming (lol) boating and enjoy what's left in your summer vacation. Dubbed as the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio city offers a different kind experience away from the buzzling usual city.

Burnham Park is located in the heart of Baguio where you can never get yourself lost finding it, since you can just ask around and find your way sitting on one of the benches around and enjoy an unhurried day, reading your book or eating Chicharon or strawberry Taho.

Named after the city's planner Daniel Hudson Burnham, he was able to come up with a design that withstand time even after a century. Though there might be some minor revisions from the original design but most of the Burnham Park is the same as when it was built in the early 1900.

Burnham Park offers the following: 

  • the man-made lake with rowboats for hire that folks refer to as the Burnham Lagoon
  • the Children's Playground
  • the Skating Rink
  • the Rose Garden
  • the Orchidarium
  • Igorot Garden
  • Melvin Jones Grandstand
  • the Athletic Bowl
  • a Picnic Grove
  • the Japanese Peace Tower
  • Pine Trees of the World
  • Sunshine Park

Aside from the attempt to feel like we were in a different country because of the temperature, our main reason going to Baguio was to experience picking fresh strawberries. Though the attempt to see a strawberry farm failed because it was off season when we went there, It was still a fun experience especially with friends around.