Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bucket Shrimps

If you are like me who craves for shrimps most of the time (craves for everything. lol), well, here is a new place perfect for your shrimp cravings.

Bucket Shrimps Logo

Bucket Shrimps is a new destination for seafood enthusiasts  Or at least for shrimps. In their menu, one can find a bucket of shrimps, and that my friend is a must-try. 

Must-try combi
Located in 11 Orchid Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City, its just across 'STK ta bai'. Though the place is quite secluded, you will be surprised aside from these places i mentioned above, there are definitely other worth-to-try dine-in spots near the area.

About the place, the owner Chad Regner spearheaded the idea of bringing in the theme of metal buckets in his restaurant. Yes, metal buckets, thats what (i think) made them famous or at least got the attention from. Even the rice were served out from a small metal bucket. They started back in September 2013 and the place is attracting more visitors day-by-day.

Here is what you will see in their 2 sided menu:

Bottled water - P35

Bottled soda - P15
2L Soda - P150
Beer 4+1 bucket - P220 or P50 each

Pitcher mix drinks - *P200


Boiled Shrimp - P295

with sauces you can choose from (Cajun, or Gata)
Crab Saucy Relleno - P250
Shoft Shell Thai shrimp - P295
Chicken wings - P150
Liempo loco - P180

Crazy pusit - P120

Bucket Shrimps in Cajun Sauce

Liempo Loco

Decorated rice serving. isn't that cool?

Bucket Shrimp is a place definitely worth a try, aside from the affordable pricing, you will also get that homey feeling because most of the people serving the place is a member of their family. 

When we were their I did expect to eat on a paper bib which I see on most pictures posted on the internet when people eat in Bucket Shrimp. But it was removed for some reason, however you will be provided with a huge roll of tissue paper to clean out after and an area to wash your messy hand is just nearby.

Expect to eat messy! expect to eat delicious! 

By the way, I suggest to call them for reservation ahead because the place is most of the time helluva jump-packed with foodies like me!! open from Mondays through Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 to 11 p.m, you can contact them at 09423820910. You can also visit their fb page here.

Here's the map to the place


Me, Ivane and Nico trying out Bucket Shrimps