Monday, September 23, 2013

Johnny Rockets

During my 2-month stay in Quezon City because of work, I had the chance to visit few places worth blogging. One of which is Johnny Rockets where me and my wife decided to dine due to good customer service reputation and unique western style of dining. 

Johnny Rockets
This branch we visited is located in the ground floor of Eastwood Mall in Quezon City, one should not miss visiting this place if you are in for a 50's inspired quality restaurant. Johnny Rockets is actually an American restaurant franchised in the Philippines and also available in (more or less) 23 countries. Founded in 1986, they were able to maintain the vintage inspired restaurant.

Interior decorations

They did a great job with the interiors with a lot of memorabilia decorating the entire place especially framed posters of war men and coca-cola ads which was famous during the 50's. 

Johnny Rockets is also famous with the way they serve ketchup because its their signature to draw (out of ketchup) in the saucer a smiley face. Pretty cool right?

Me and my wife Ivane


Jukebox control on each table

Jukebox was famous during the 50's and Johnny Rockets have their own jukebox where you can choose any songs from their playlist. You just need to look for the small jukebox control on your table that accepts coins for you to listen to your favorite old music.

Bacon Cheddar Double at Php 595 (good for sharing)
Unlimited fries at Php 125
Prices are actually worth-it for this kind of experience:

Starters from Php125 up
Burgers from Php245 up
Salads from Php195 up
Premium Chicken from Php275 up
Rocket Kids Meal from Php215 up
Desserts from Php145 up
Beverages from Php110 up

Lemonade worth Php 110 (refillable)
Root beer float worth Php 110 (refillable)

Another thing you should expect in Johnny Rockets are their dancing crew with such bubbly personalities, I never saw anyone not wearing a smile which is very ideal and should be followed by other restaurants. Great customer experience indeed.

Other info:

Philippine website:

Contact info: 

JR Eastwood Branch
Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall Veranda, Libis Quezon City
Store No.: +632 4702117 / +632 4702208
Mobile No.: 0917-7987589 / 0917-RYTQLTY *Text messages only
Twitter: jrphilippines

Monday, September 16, 2013

Temporary Inactive Status

With typhoon Maring that struck the (almost) entire Luzon last August with a lot of changes in my career, that includes my transfer to Quezon City for business purposes, I kind of miss updating my blog.

But pretty much, there are still things I like to share and more things to uncover on my next adventures. I will be back in Cebu few weeks from now, so that means, me back in writing :).