Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tuslob Buwa in Azul

Okay, Let me start this entry with the definition of Tuslob Buwa. 

What is Tuslob Buwa? Literally in the Cebuano dialect, it means 'to dip in bubbles'.

Tuslob Buwa set in Azul Cebu for P99

Tuslob Buwa is one of Cebu's exotic treats you can find in the streets of Carbon or Pasil actually there are different versions in Barangays across Cebu but one thing for sure it has pig brain in it. Tuslob buwa is a local dip made of pig brain, oil, fish sauce, onions, shrimp paste and all other assorted flavorings. What's nice about this dip is you will appreciate and enjoy it most when eaten with friends, neighbors, family, well, the more people (mostly strangers) involved, the better.

Big Brain for the Tuslob Buwa Experience

Tuslob Buwa after cooking (boiling) is usually served straight from the wok and most of the time paired with Puso (cooked rice wrapped in coconut leaves) or just plain rice. Still not quite sure what im talking about? okay, imagine your taco as your Puso and the Tuslob Buwa as your dip, that's just it. Still nothing? okay, try to search in google about Tuslob Buwa, you may be grossed or you might become interested, it's up to you. 

Honestly, this is not for the faint of heart. Why? Tuslob Buwa is mostly served  for free by the street vendors, and what you will be paying for is just the rice or the Puso usually around P3.00 or higher. Come to think of all the hands dipping into your Tuslob Buwa, to other people's mouth and back to the wok. Yes, sadly sanitation wise it won't pass the Department of Health's standards.

However, there are places of course that serves Tuslob Buwa exclusively for you and your group. That's when Azul came into the picture. Originally, Azul was just a liquor shop or a convenience store until they decided to add Tuslob Buwa in the menu and it clicked, attracting a lot of visitors (not just locals) every day (or night). 
Azul Cebu

Azul is located in Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City just across Asilo de la Milagrosa Church, (near the old LBC bank) I don't think they accept reservations now due to the queue of people waiting to be served with Tuslob Buwa. For only P99 a set, you will get yourself 12 pieces of Puso, a dish of pig brain, onions, shrimp paste and chopped liver (as far as i know and the smell of it, it was liver) and a single burner butane stove. Isn't that cool? its like an affordable version of shabu-shabu right?. They also serve other dish like siomai, chicken skin and other sort of food, and of course liquors are available and other beverages.

Crowd in Azul Cebu
So for those who wants to try worry-free Tuslob Buwa, visit Azul for a unique experience. As far as i remember they also do beer pongs there, so might as well try it. And I almost forgot, they also invite bands every now and then to play and entertain you while you enjoy dipping in the Tuslob Buwa:)

My wife Ivane preparing the Tuslob Buwa

My one-cent:
  • Bring along with you a set of tissue and alcohol or hand sanitizer. I did not find any wash area around or maybe I just chose not to bother asking their busy attendants where to find one. lol.
  • Ink Ian tattoo and a new Skills and Bones branch (clothing line) is right beside Azul, so you can also check them out.
  • Tag along as many friends as possible, its fun with more people around.
  • They said Tuslob Buwa is better in Pasil or in Carbon, well, if I am to choose between taste over sanitation, I have to go with the latter.
  • Its a crowded place for the "mass", so please, dear, leave behind your conyo and your fine-elegant-classy attitude at home. its helluva our-kind of party there. :)

You can visit Azul's facebook page here: AZUL CEBU


  1. nakatry sad mi diri mga 2months ago. lingaw ang experience.. naa sad kan-anan nga nagbaligya ug tuslob buwa didto mandaue... papart's tuslob buwa ang pangan. so far, sila pang 2 ang akong nahibaw-an nga kan-anan nga nag tuslob buwa.. :D

    1. I haven't tried Papart's yet but I heard of it before... so far, Azul, and I guess Papart's are the only 2 places we can trust in terms of sanitation.. :D

      Thanks for dropping by!!

    2. asa na dapita papart's sa mandaue migo???

    3. wa pa ko kaadto bai.. pero naa silay FB page.. diara ay,

  2. asa ni dapit banda gani?

  3. Gorordo, just across Asilo church.. :)

  4. Naa puy tuslob-buwa sa labangon..

    1. "Swipe-Brain" nga tuslobuwa sa may Tisa labangon lami kaau.. Original recipe of Tuslobuwa from Pasil ( no need for hipon ).

    2. nindot ug name dah... ako nya ni duawon... ty sa pag visit.. :)

  5. naa sad sa corner chaves zapatera

  6. Lami ilang tuslob buwa adto, sosyal style but affordable.



  8. Daghan jud Tuslob Buwa sa Cebu kay culture na man na sa Cebuano.. di jud na mawala... :) thanks for dropping by guys!!!

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  10. Open ni sa sunday?