Monday, August 25, 2014

Balanan Falls - Dumaguete City

Balanan Falls
Last June of 2014, me and my wife (along with our sisters and brothers) went to Dumaguete to visit some places that some of my friends who are from Dumaguete mentioned, worth to visit. Indeed it was a great place for the entire family to travel.

NOTE: Sorry for the photos' quality, I used my iPhone inclosed in a waterproof pouch to safeguard my DSLR that I left in our room.

Balanan Lake
Some of the places in Dumaguete we visited can be found here.

Part of our itinerary was really to visit Lake Balanan, and to date, it was the best lake that I've visited. I've already visited a man-made lake in Toledo City Philippines called the Malubog Lake/Dam on our mini Amazing Race Challenge, I've also seen the magnificent Taal Lake in Batangas and the Lake Danao in Camotes Island Cebu (I think those mentioned needs a separate entry, maybe soon). Well, I think the reason why I enjoyed our visit in Lake Balanan was because of our kayaking experience and it was also probably because of the perfect weather that sided us during that trip.
Lake Balanan boat port
We did not expect that there was a waterfalls in the premise of Lake Balanan and I think it was a steal since our main agenda was just to visit the lake. It was a nice surprise for everyone I guess.

View of the lake Balanan while kayaking
It was on our 2nd day when we decided to personally see the Balanan Waterfalls. We've decided to paddle our way going to the place though you can also walk on a paved path going to the waterfalls. We were charged 200 pesos (per hour) for each kayak we rented including the life vest (yep! Better safe than sorry).

Kayaking in Lake Balanan
When we arrived on one of the camping sites on the Northwest part of the lake. We anchored the kayaks and began walking to the waterfalls, and no, it was not a tiring trek that requires a lot of muscles, though we decided to spice it up and walk, not on the pathway but on the stream itself. Well, we didn't actually know there was a concrete pathway on the side of the stream at first (lol!).

North west part of lake Balanan

On our way to Balanan Falls
Rocks in Balanan falls
Mimi, Ai2x and Ivane in Balanan Falls
Me, on my terminator pose hahaha

Ivane Gesite
Though the Balanan waterfalls isn't the grandest amongst all the waterfalls in Dumaguete, it confined on its own way a simple yet relaxing view that bears a mystery to be unraveled.
Nico wandering in the 2nd drop in Balanan Falls
After taking some pictures and enjoyed a quick dip to the shallow streams near the waterfalls (yes, it's safe to swim) we headed back to the resort and shared a good conversation.

Me, Ivane, Mimi, Nico, Earl and Ai2x group selfie in Balanan Falls