Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Blog procrastination

I've been very lazy busy lately that I wasn't able to update my blog. Despite the eagerness to really finish overdue stories or events and post them here, I can't seem to find the time, or maybe I'm just really lazy, period. Well, I can't blame me, besides I am the only one reading this blog aside from my wife whom I ask to. It won't matter anyway.

I got busy with other things. It's not that I became a log and freeze for how many months, causing me not to become active with a lot of things including making entries in my personal blog.

I'm starting to realize that I'm writing all of these and making excuses to defend myself for not becoming productive in the virtual world. hahaha.

Number 1 reason why I can't find time to blog anymore is I rarely have the time to do so. We transferred to Lapu-Lapu City (A smaller island, still part of Cebu) that caused a longer travel time, thus cutting my spare time to do a lot of things.

I also got busy with other things, like:

Spending time with family

Spending more time with my wife Ivane.

Trying to be fit.

More quality time with friends and family

Trying to learn a new language to talk to my dogs. lol.

Trying out new dish. Like really making them.

More time with friends.