My name is Mark Joseph Gesite (pronounced like Gee City), you can actually tell my parents are religious because of my biblical name, actually my aunt gave them the idea to name me after 2 of the most famous characters from the bible, and with that - Yes, I'm a christian. Until now I have no idea why they've chosen that name but actually I like my name because its unique and it stands out - not. When someone asks for my name I always give them my complete full name and you would often hear me say "Hi, my name is Mark Joseph", not Mark, not Joseph but the complete name itself and it's pretty obvious how I come up with my blog title "The Gee City".

I am keeping this blog as my personal journal on the places I have visited and the food I have tasted (along with my wife Ivane). Most of the things you will see here are travel chronicles (specially beaches) and food reviews, yet there are some entries about my personal insights and other encounters. I value memories so much that I don't just settle for pictures alone but I write about them, I want my grandchildren to probably see my journal in the future and maybe for readers to get some information from it. 

In real life, people find me easy going, so I guess I'm friendly. So please feel free to comment or message if you want to say something. 

feel free to reach me through the following channels:

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